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—mirage. We could not tell what they were, but
they looked like neither antelope nor buffalo.
We stopped., and while I was trying to figure out
what they were, I saw two buffalo two hundred
yards away, grazing toward a knoll in the distance.
My brother wanted to shoot one of them, so that
we could have a meal of raw buffalo kidneys, but
I restrained him. I warned him that the objects
in the distance might be the enemy.

'I told my brother to watch these bobbing forms
while I crawled out on the flat under cover of the
two buffalo and tried to make my way to the knoll
ahead of us, whence I could get a better view of
these queer moving things. After a hard crawl I
made the top of the knolL With care I peeped
slowly over its shoulder—and then I jumped back
quickly. I crawled down out of view and waved
my blanket and signalled to my brother that it
was the enemy dancing one of their dances out on
the open prairies.

'My brother passed this signal back to my tribe,
who had been trudging along with no knowledge
of what we had seen. They all ran up to my
brother and asked him what was the matter. I
could hear them talking loud, and I wanted to get
their attention so that I could tell them to keep
quiet. But I could not catch their eyes until I
got right up to them. Then I heard one of my
men, a man of good counsel, saying that I, their